segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010

The Demon's Army

Eu compus essa musica, fiz toda a letra e estou concluindo a guitarra e etc.

Só vou esclarecer uma coisa: essa música é uma crítica aos EUA e a guerra, então não, eu não estou possuído pelo Diabo:


I’ve seen all kind of things,
a whole world destroyed inside of me.
Cheats, death, pain and fire,
All sorts of the human disaster.

What’ll be of this world
When the truth starts getting close?
What’ll be of your life,
When there’s no one left to advice?

All the death, all the hate,
Is this just a fucking game of fate?
The time has come, it is now
Look at our sins,
The ending, the begining,
This is the world we live in.

Inside of me I saw the fire,
That is not what I desire,
Now, all I see is pain,
Friends killing their own friends.

Inside of me I saw the Devil,
My life hás reached a new level,
I will destroy my enemies,
Like they destroyed my family.

NOW, I got blood in my hands,
All the deaths made me understand,
This world will never change,
It’s just coming to its end.

The demon’s army is atacking,
The atomic bomb is their weapon,
“God bless América” they say,
Thanks to them the sky is gray.

They sent me to war,
They made me shoot through the wall,
They made me ruin my life,
They made me shoot my own wife.

Their empire is the whole world,
They rage war just for the gold,
I got nowhere to go,
Death is my only road.




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